• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the times of receipt of the room and the date of departure from it?

    The policy of all international hotels is to receive the rooms from 02:00 - 03:00 pm, and leave at 12:00 pm, but some hotels may receive the room before this time in case there are empty rooms and the hotel is helpful.
    In case of late departure, the hotel may charge you an additional fee as a delay fine in which case our company will not bear

    Can Pro Adventure suggest a hotel stay?

    We can suggest you stay in certain hotels based on your choice of level, specifications and location of the hotel

    What are the activities and services provided by Pro Adventure Travel & Tourism?

    Pro Adventure Travel is interested in meeting and implementing all the requirements of customers for tourism services of all kinds, where they study the requests of their customers and provide services to suit all their needs and meet all their desires.
    The following is a quick overview of our services.

    ProAdventure goal for tourism and travel?

    Providing all tourist services to all travelers, individuals, groups and clients of companies, tourist offices and tour operators to all destinations of the world, whether they are groups, families, weddings or individuals, in a distinctive manner. Competitor fits all requirements by type, type and price Distinguished and highly experienced work

    Who is ProAdventure Travel & Tourism?

    A tourist company based in Ramallah, working in the field of tourism and travel and provides all tourist services for tourists, such as hotel reservations, domestic aviation, transport and tours in private cars and tour guides, led by a specialized administrative staff with high experience and mastery of work